class BaseLab < Blog::Awesome
  topics :technology, :coding
  authors :devs => 'Makers of Base CRM'
import blog
class BaseLab(blog.Awesome):
  topics = ["technology", "coding"]
  authors = {'devs': 'Makers of Base CRM'}
var BaseLab = new Blog.Awesome({
  topics: ['technology', 'coding'],
  authors: {'devs': 'Makers of Base CRM'}
@interface BaseLab : Blog <Awesome>
@property (strong) NSArray *topics = @[technology, coding];
@property (strong) NSDictionary *authors = @[devs : @"Makers of Base CRM"];
[[BaseLab new] publish];
class BaseLab: public AwesomeBlog {
  BaseLab() {
    authors["devs"] = "Makers of Base CRM";

class BaseLab extends Blog.Awesome {
  private Topic[] topics = new Topic[] {
    new Topic("technology"), new Topic ("coding") };
  private Map<AuthorType, String> authors = new HashMap<AuthorType, String>();
  public BaseLab() {
    authors.put(new AuthorType("devs"), "Makers of Base CRM");}
new BaseLab().publish();

#asciihack Wroclaw

As passionate developers ourselves, we actively support the hacker community. Running HackKRK’s has always been super fun - we get together with other coders, drink, chat and above all, code! Now we want to spread the hacker love and bring such an awesome event to Wroclaw and help promote hacker culture there.

On Saturday, March 23rd the devs from Base will host the ASCII Games Hackathon where we’ll be hacking old-school games. Remember playing Rogue, ADAM or Space Invaders - wasn’t that a ton of fun?


Baking APIs with Tropo and Future Simple

The really cool thing about APIs is that they allow you to stitch a solution together pretty quickly - at least the good ones do :) As it turns out, this is a great idea for hackathons - when you only have a few hours to produce something that you will be able to show to the world. Yesterday’s Railsberry API Bakeoff was sponsored by Tropo and Future Simple. Tropo adds Voice, SMS and IM support to your applications and Base is a CRM system that allows you to track your sales and contacts with ease.


RailsBerry API Bakeoff with Tropo and Future Simple

With the RailsBerry conference right around the corner, we teamed up with Tropo and the people behind the event to organize an API Bakeoff. The event was announced on Monday and almost immediately after the ticket sale started, all the spots were taken.


meet.js Kraków

Third meet.js in Kraków is no more! Future Simple had a pleasure to be a big part of it. We sponsored beer, one speaker and few attendees :) But how was it? Here’re our impressions.


The battle of SOA - Long term vision

Recently there has been a lot of buzz on the Internet about SOA. One of the inspirations for this article was a note by Steve Yegge - Google Platforms Rant, which was accidentally made public - thanks Steve for keeping it this way!

I try to keep up with all the information, but there is just too much. Sometimes reading more about SOA makes you more confused then educated :). When this happens to me, I try to step back a little bit to get a nice distant view. It’s like with the Golden Gate Bridge. It looks beautiful from the right perspective, but once you start approaching it, the bridge loses its thing - don’t get me wrong it’s still exciting - but different :).

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