The wroc_love.rb Conference

During this weekend a part of the Futuresimple team (Marcin, Michal, Przemek, and me) went to Wrocław to attend wroc_love.rb - a Ruby conference organised by the Lower Silesian Ruby User Group. We’d like to share our experiences.

We left Kraków on Friday evening and arrived just in time for the before party. We met some amazing developers, i.e. Nick Sutterer, Steve Klabnik. After a few beers we went home to get ready for the first day of the conference.

Wrocław - by amylg

On Saturday Nick Sutterer gave a relaxed talk about respect in the open source community. Of all the talks we were especially interested in one by Piotr Sarnacki about the past, present and the future of the Ruby on Rails framework. Being a core contributor, he provided the attendees with some great in-depth info on the framework’s recent history, its current development status and features that gained much attention lately, i.e. building API-based applications in Rails. Another great talk was delivered by Piotr Szotkowski and dealt with methods of decoupling persistence from models in Ruby apps. The presentation was quite detailed and technical, but Piotr managed to cover a lot of different aspects while keeping us extremely gripped. By the end of the day we attended a talk on Data Context Integration approach by Jim Gay. We got really intrigued and as soon as we get a chance, we’ll consider adopting.

Roy Tomeij enjoying a picture by Bob Ross during his talk

The next day we woke up to a talk on improving yourself as a programmer by Michał Taszycki. We encourage you to skim through his slides and register yourself at Programming Workout. Another great talk was delivered by Steve Klabnik and covered creating REST Hypermedia APIs. Even though we are not planning on employing that anytime soon, it was great to see someone tackle and present the problem. Next up, Roy Tomeij gave a talk about Modular, Reusable Frontend Code and Bob Ross. We have to admit we loved all the tips and ideas. Ideally, we’ll want to take it on in both our current and upcoming projects. This talk was followed by a panel discussing Rails vs OOP, led by Andrzej Krzywda and consisting of Piotr Szotkowski, Steve Klabnik, Nick Sutterer and Jim Gay. It was an extremely interesting discussion that even involved the audience multiple times.

To sum up, it’s been a great few days, we are really happy to have been a part of it and would love to attend it in the future. It’s amazing to see new programming-related events taking place here in Poland. Once again we’d like to thank the organizers of the conference. Great job!

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