meet.js Kraków

Third meet.js in Kraków is no more! Future Simple had a pleasure to be a big part of it. We sponsored beer, one speaker and few attendees :) But how was it? Here’re our impressions.

Drukarnia is a very nice place for this kind of events. There are drinks, food and plenty of space available. The only missing thing is Internet downstairs, Drukarnia should really invest in wi-fi. All started at 6:15 pm when our very own Marcin Bunsch took a stage.

He delivered a presentation about Backbone.js fundamentals, going through main elements of the framework. He also presented how to make it work with Handlebars templating engine. After the presentation Marcin answered some interesting questions about Backbone. JS frameworks are hot today and it was very nice to see speech about it, we need more!

Next up was Krzysztof Kula and he was talking about testing JS. Personally I liked the talk however I think it had enough content for a lightning talk but not for a full speech. Krzysztof mentioned why testing JS is important and how to make it faster using static test runners like buster.js.

Right after Krzysztof, Grzegorz started his speech about Node.js in a big scale. Grzegorz works for DreamLab at He started by describing how Onet infrastructure looks like. It’s called Onet Cloud and looks like a subset of Amazon EC2. Then he introduced a concept that made a crowd anxious. All Onet Cloud production boxes die after 90 minutes. Apparently it’s a design that is supposed to make infrastructure more bullet-proof but I still don’t know why after 90 minutes and not after 60 minutes and why to kill them at all! It looks like a poor-mans implementation of Chaos Monkey I didn’t feel that talk answered the question how to scale Node.js and why they decided to use Node in the first place. “Stateless web apps”? Come on!

Last talk was delivered by Sławek and it concerned SVG vs Canvas. One could easily see that Sławek had spend a lot of time working both with Canvas and SVG and he’s the guy you want to talk about this stuff. We had a chance to see a few demos comparing performance and responsiveness, there was also nice scaling example done using Firefox logo. Then Sławek talked about SVG files sizes and concluded with browser support.

Wrapping up, meet.js #3 was a decent meeting, gathered quite a big crowd and provoked discussions. See you next time!

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