#asciihack Wroclaw

As passionate developers ourselves, we actively support the hacker community. Running HackKRK’s has always been super fun - we get together with other coders, drink, chat and above all, code! Now we want to spread the hacker love and bring such an awesome event to Wroclaw and help promote hacker culture there.

On Saturday, March 23rd the devs from Base will host the ASCII Games Hackathon where we’ll be hacking old-school games. Remember playing Rogue, ADAM or Space Invaders - wasn’t that a ton of fun?

We’ve prepared a startup pack in Ruby that makes it dead-easy and super-fast to have ASCII-art games running  in under 1h. Even non-Ruby devs will be able to quickly build such games - just setup your RVM before the event.

The last HackKRK hosted over 70 people and 16 ASCII-art games were presented after just 5h of intensive coding. Check out the video below for a snapshot of what you can expect at the Wroclaw event. Food, Red Bull, beer and loads of coffee are on us.

Register for a full day of coding, great fun and - after all - fierce competition. Participants will vote to decide which projects go home with cool prizes at the end of the day.

Let’s churn out some code together!

Register Now!
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